Characters possessing this Skill are not only familiar with the way the political process works, they’re experienced with bureaucracies and know exactly who to call in a given situation to get something done. Your character keeps track of who’s in power and how she got there, along with her potential rivals. He has a grasp of the issues of the moment and how they affect the political process, and knows whose palms to grease. It’s possible that your character acquired this Skill by running for political office at some point, or by working on a campaign or as a public servant. Or he could simply be someone who follows the news and understands the money trail.

Possessed by: Bureaucrats, civil servants, journalists, lawyers, lobbyists, and politicians

Specialties: Bribery, Elections, Federal, Local, State, and Scandals

Dramatic Failure: Your character has seriously misread the current political or bureaucratic climate. At best, he might find his efforts stonewalled by spiteful civil servants. At worst, he might be arrested for attempted bribery or be caught up in a public spectacle.

Failure: Your character makes no headway in his efforts in the political arena. Perhaps he can’t get the right politician to return his calls or a recent shakeup in an office means he has to work harder to find the right “in.”

Success: Your character achieves his objective.

Exceptional Success: Your character not only gains his objective quickly and efficiently, he makes new friends and associates in the bargain, possibly increasing his chances for success in future endeavors.


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