This Skill is replaced by the Study skill for children characters. It represents your character’s understanding of the physical and natural sciences: Biology, chemistry, geology, meteorology, physics. Science is useful not only for understanding how the world works, but it helps characters make the most of the resources at hand to achieve their goals. A character with a strong Science background could describe the chemical process for plating metals, for example, allowing another character with Crafts to make a silver-edged steel sword.

Possessed by: Engineers, scientists, students, teachers, and technicians

Specialties: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Metallurgy, and Physics

Dramatic Failure: Your character fails to remember crucial facts, incorrectly informing his actions with potentially explosive results. He mixes an acid into a base instead of a base into an acid, or otherwise causes his efforts to fail spectacularly.

Failure: Your character is unable to summon the necessary information from memory. It’s on the tip of his tongue, but the formula, chemical or equation eludes him.

Success: Your character is able to summon the necessary knowledge to serve his needs.

Exceptional Success: Your character recalls especially obscure or detailed facts that give him additional options or capabilities with the resources at hand.


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