The Stealth Skill represents a character’s experience or training in avoiding notice, whether by moving silently, making use of cover, or blending into a crowd. When attempting to sneak silently through an area or to use the local terrain as concealment, roll Dexterity + Stealth + equipment. When trying to remain unseen in a crowd, Wits + Stealth is appropriate. The Storyteller may make Stealth rolls secretly on your behalf, since your character usually has no way of knowing he’s been noticed until it’s too late. If your character attempts to avoid notice by a group of alert observers, a contested roll versus the observers’ Wits + Composure + equipment is required.

Possessed by: Criminals, hunters, police officers, and private investigators.

Specialties: Camouflage, Crowds, Moving in Darkness, and Moving in Woods.

Dramatic Failure: Your character not only fails to move stealthily, he does something to actively draw attention to himself. He steps on a branch or a broken bottle, or jostles someone in a crowd who protests loudly and angrily.

Failure: Your character fails to move or act in a stealthy fashion. If potential observers get at least one success on a Wits + Composure roll, your character is busted.

Success: Your character avoids notice if his successes exceed his opponents’.

Exceptional Success: Your character, through a combination of luck and talent, finds just the right circumstances to act virtually without being noticed for the turn. Say, the sudden noisy passage of a truck allows him to dash across an open courtyard under the noses of otherwise alert guards.


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