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Your page here on Obsidian Portal makes it easy for you to articulate things about you that you feel other people should know. It’s like a profile page for your presence in the community. In this installment of Rules, Tips, and Guidelines, we’ll talk about what compromises an Obsidian Portal profile, and how to set up your own. We’ll be using Skittish as an example, whose character sheet is created in Part 7 of Character Creation. I’m writing this after that, and you should figure out who you are using that before you write this entry. If you’re going in order, just read through this and keep it in mind when you do make your page—or come back to it later.

First, we write in the character name. It’s best to write the full name, so we know exactly who we’re talking about. So if you’ve got a last name, or a modifier before your name, or both like the King of the Spring Court, you should put those into your “name” field. Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to only have one name. The Queen of the Winter Court follows this pattern. Skitt’s full name is Skittish, so we’ll put “Skittish” in the name field. Don’t worry about the “slug” field—that’ll be created automatically when you make your page.

Next, tags. For right now, you’ll want to tag it with just your Seeming. In this case, that’s “Fairest.” When you become part of a Court, you can tag it with your Court. You should also tag it with “player.” That way you can differentiate your motley from the others. Skitt doesn’t have a motley because he’s alone, so I won’t add a tag for his motley.

Now on to Quick Description. This is a one-line description of your character. It’s sort of like Concept, except you can go into more detail or talk about different traits entirely. It’s good to have your Quick Description be something you’re easily recognizable by. For example, all the monarchs of the Courts have some method of saying which Court they are and that they’re a monarch in their Quick Description, since that’s probably how you know them. Mine is “Kickin’, flirtatious advice columnist and Summer Court flunkie”. I made a pun, and puns are always good, but it also is a slight indicator that I’m a kickboxer. I’m not very high up in the Summer Court, and I write advice columns for people. I also like making people feel better about themselves, and, okay, sex is pretty great too. That one line manages to sum up what people know me for. Try to avoid words like “nice” and “good” and other blander stuff like that. Lots of people are nice. Tell us what makes you memorable—and there IS something. Skitt is pretty well-known already for being jumpy as hell, but he’s also known for being good at somehow calming others down. We’ll write down “Panicky, with unexpectedly soothing voice”.

Okay. Now we’re up on Description. Your Description should reflect some of what’s on your character sheet, as well as your appearance. It’s the place where you put what you’re good at, what you look like in Mask and mien, and some other things that people might know you by. I’m going to start off with “Skittish is, well, skittish.” because it’s a very apt descriptor and it’s a good identifier for him. I’ll move on to his voice, because that’s another part of the Quick Description that I noted. I’ll also put in how he acts in a skittish way, so it’s more obvious why he has his name.

I’ll write up a physical description after that. Skitt’s Mask isn’t all that different from his mien, so I’ll note that late in this paragraph, but right now I want to talk about how he looks. Most Changelings look far more supernatural than Skitt does, but his purpose was to inspire writing and poetry, so I suppose it’s easier for us to fathom beauty if it’s close to what we know. Lord knows Thornglow had the roughest time writing about beauty he didn’t understand. Funny that they should come from the same place—but that goes in the Bio, and I’ve gotten off track.

I’ll talk about a few things Skitt enjoys here, so that everyone has a better idea of who he is, and finally I’ll wrap it up with his feelings about the different Seemings because in this case, they really do matter. Now, on to his biography.

It’s good to start off at the start, and in Skitt’s case the start is when he showed up on our doorstep. Usually the start is when you were abducted by the Gentry, but Skitt’s start is that he remembers so little that it’s almost negligible at this point. I’ll talk about what we do know in the next paragraphs, starting with what other people can tell me and what I can discern, and then what Skitt can tell me about his past.

Okay, this is pretty terrible. I’m gonna tell you right now—this kid is a worst-case scenario. I hope that none of you had anything like this happen. I mean, the Gentry are bad enough, but… Anyway. Yours should go something along the lines of starting with who you were before you were abducted, and then talk about why you were taken. Talk about your Durance, and then make note of how you escaped. If you feel it’s important, talk about how you found your way here. It is pretty difficult to get out of the Hedge, after all.

I’m going to wrap up Skitt’s page with something hopeful, since his story is so depressing, but you can do whatever you want with yours. You don’t have to follow this outline, but I wanted to give you some ideas as to what you can do with your page.

If you want, you can check out Skitt’s page before trying to make your own, and compare my process to what you want to do with your own.

See you around!

Your Obsidian Portal Page

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